Both Google Friend Connect and Facebook Connect have come out at the same time, offering similar capabilities. But what does this mean for Drupal? Will making Drupal social site be a mute point now?

In my humble opinion, this can only make Drupal stronger and here is why.

First and foremost, Drupal is not just for social communities. So there isn't a direct competition between Drupal and then new "Connects". However, tapping into Facebook's and Google's registration and marketing channel could be the best thing for Drupal.

As of now the functionality as far API goes, with both Connets is limited. What this would mean for somebody wanting to fully utilized the Connects is that you wouldn't get user information, you probably wouldn't be able to get their e-mail addresses. In short, its a lack of control on your own site.

Although Drupal's capability for a social site is there, it is somewhat cumbersome and hard to set up user-profiles and relationships which are the core of a social site. The Connects make it very hard not to slap one on a Drupal site, just to get more traffic.

If the Drupal Community can embrace this new step, and the Connects open up a little bit, this could be the beginning of a very beautiful thing.