Want to add your social connections to your Drupal site with icons? Follow these simple steps and you can be on your way to social simplicity.

Make a new content type and name it whatever you want. Add a url field and an image field for your icon. ...Read more

Both Google Friend Connect and Facebook Connect have come out at the same time, offering similar capabilities. But what does this mean for Drupal? Will making Drupal social site be a mute point now?

In my humble opinion, this can only make Drupal stronger and here is why.

First and foremost, Drupal is not just for social communities. So there isn't a direct competition between Drupal and then new "Connects". However, tapping into Facebook's and Google's registration and marketing channel could be the best thing for Drupal. ...Read more

When starting a new Drupal site, I almost always install a handful of modules first thing. Here are my top 10 and why you should use them.

*Modules listed below are in no particular order

  1. Pathauto: Drupal Core ships with a URL aliasing function, however this module expands upon that and adds automatic URL aliasing. This can be based on node type in conjunction with Tokens.

  2. Adminmenu: This module does nothing for your site, it is strickly for navigation of admin menus. This module however has increased my work flow dramatically because I spend a less time waiting for pages to load to get to the page I want.

  3. ...Read more

As a preface, this discussion goes along with this wiki page over at the Drupal Redesign Group: Improve Theme Categorization

I've been pondering a voting and a review system for the themes for a while now. For many reasons really, but here is my quick conclusion: it won't work the way most voting systems work. Here is why... ...Read more

Multiple Drupal users posting on a single Twitter Feed. That was my goal. And here is how I accomplished it.

There are many reasons why somebody would want to do this. My reason...to draw traffic to my client's site. ...Read more

Use Views to generate feeds for your content based on its taxonomy and vocabulary. This tutorial is assuming you are familiar with Views, if not there are some good tutorials here.

Follow the steps below to get your feeds generated automatically.
...Read more

When you hear Drupal content management, you would assume that Drupal would be king at podcasting. But, until just recently, it has been hard, and not very future proof.

Podcasters listen up! The time is now to have Drupal be your podcast management system.

I am assuming that you have some knowledge of Drupal and know how to install modules. If not check out this handbook first. ...Read more

I first became aware of Drupal when I was working as a video editor for The Battalion-The Series. The company produces a weekly online video series about the men and women firefighters around the United States. In order to get create revenue for the series, the site needed more people coming to the site and staying longer. This is when I turned to Drupal. ...Read more