Use Views to generate feeds for your content based on its taxonomy and vocabulary. This tutorial is assuming you are familiar with Views, if not there are some good tutorials here.

Follow the steps below to get your feeds generated automatically.

  1. Start a new views, name it what you want, and choose a node type
  2. Set up a feed view with the settings that you want. Then follow the steps below:
  • Feed path: path/%/feed
  • Argument:
    • Taxonomy: Term
    • Title: %1
    • Validation:
      • Validator: Taxonomy term
      • Picked the Vocabulary I wanted
      • Argument: Taxonomy name or synonym
  • Case: Capitalize first letter
  • Transform spaces to dashes in URL - This option was not actually working at the moment, check out this issue.

Now you don't have to keep making new view every time you make a new category.