Want more traffic to your Drupal blog? Here are some very useful modules to get your site moving up the ranks of search engines.

This blog assumes that you have already read Increasing Traffic to your Blog Site, which is helpful for any general blog. This gets specific to what Drupal can do for your blog if you have a Drupal site already.

  1. Path: This is a core module and only needs to be enabled. Path allows URL aliasing, this provides clean URLs for your content to be found easier.

  2. Pathauto: This module expands upon the Path Module and adds automatic URL aliasing. This can be based on node type in conjunction with Tokens.

  3. Ping: This also is a core module and only needs to be enabled. The Ping module pings key sites to let them know that you have updated content. One of those sites is Ping-O-Matic!.

  4. Technorati: This module allows you to manual tag or tag by category and send those tags to Technorati. This will help your rankings with other blogs. I found this information first over at Problogger.net.

  5. Trackbacks: Trackbacks is a module to allow trackbacks between sites. A must if you want to start linking back and forth and get out on the web. For more information check out Problogger.net

  6. Google Analytics: If you want to track what people are doing, where they are clicking, how long they are staying, etc., you need some sort of analytics. This module incorporates Google Analytics for easy tracking.

  7. XML Sitemap: If you want your site to be indexed correctly and often, this is the module for you. It creates a sitemap that is submitted to search engines. It updates whenever you make a new piece of content. This saves you from hand making a site map every time you make a new blog.

  8. Twitter: Twitter module posts your blog or other content to Twitter, this is helpful if you have a large following or if you just want your blog title out in the general Twitter feed for people to find.

As I play around with other modules and how they function I will be updating this blog. Check back soon!