I have often been accused of being lazy for using Drupal for the basis of my sites. Or have been asked if Drupal hinders my ability to make websites. To both I would say, you have underestimated Drupal.

Drupal is a tool, a tool for simplifying, enhancing, and promoting new creative websites. By using Drupal as my core for my websites, it free's me up and allows me to concentrate on the design. I also allows me confidence to know that it is thoroughly tested and very secure. I don't have to worry about a developer not turning in his projects in on time and making my reputation suffer because of it.

Drupal is not only helpful, it is reliable. I know that when I start a Drupal site, I can say with confidence to my clients, that the project will be complete and done on time. Time and time again, Drupal has proven itself to me through the use of complex modules and slick integration.

Drupal has expanded my experience and leveled the playing field with many of the bigger company sites. Drupal is seen more and more by professionals as a useful tool in their bag. To prove this, check out this link: 45 Drupal Sites Which You May Not Have Known Were Drupal Based.

Why re-invent the wheel, when we can all come together and make it better for everybody?