Use simple e-mailing aliasing to speed up your work flow while testing user registrations.

GMail Aliases for Testing Multiple Drupal User Registrations was a recent article I read that change my work flow with testing Drupal user registration. E-mail Aliasing as defined by Gmail: Using an address alias.

I use a slightly different technique than the one in the mentioned articles. Both technique can be used with any CMS including Wordpress and Joomla.

The Basics:

Your e-mail address is, you simply add a dot or period anywhere in your e-mail name. Example: or

I found this more simple and it actually get through other site sign-ups more often than the other techniques. Most sites accept the dot or period, but not the plus sign (+). This process is also not exclusive to G-mail as many other e-mail systems use the e-mail aliasing as well.


  • You no longer have to have multiple e-mail accounts for testing the registration process of your CMS.
  • You can make as many users with all the e-mails going to one central e-mail account.
  • On other sites you can give them an aliased e-mail then have it sent to a specific folder or trashed.

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