A few days ago I saw a tweet from Rob Feature saying that he had posted over at Geeks & God that they had just launched a new website called Free Mission Websites.com.

After reading the post I headed over to Free Mission Websites.com to see what it was all about. In a nutshell its a site that is dedicated to making free websites for missionaries who are out in the field. Anybody who wants to contribute just has to sign up and start helping.

Drupal is going to be used for the sites for many reasons:

  1. Once a template install is figured out, it will be fairly easy to drop into new site configurations.
  2. Most of the people working with the project are already experienced with Drupal so time is minimized.
  3. The huge community behind Drupal has proven usability, functionality, and security so why re-invent the wheel.
  4. Each site can be customized to fit the mission's needs without taking too much time.

These are just some of the reasons behind why Drupal will be used.

If you are tech savvy, a good designer, or just good with ideas and want to help out, head over to Free Mission Websites.com and sign up!