Everybody thinks they can design. If they really put their minds to it, maybe they could. Here is what sets a truly good designer apart from the crowd.

Although there are a handful of people that are naturally gifted at design, the rest of us have to really work at it. One would assume that good design means a lot of education, experience, and knowledge. But really those only add to a good design and are not required by it. What good design really comes down to is editing and refinement.

Some people I've worked for want everything on their site, Big Bold Colorful Titles, Bright Images, Text in ALL CAPS, and the list goes on. I try to convince them otherwise, but remember they know what is best, because of course that's why they hired a professional designer. I do what they ask, and every time they ask me why it looks bad, why it looks cluttered, and why the things that aren't supposed to stand out, stand out! ...Read more

Cutting your design for the web involves more than simply cutting, saving, and uploading. Follow along as I take you through steps to improving your workflow and loading time.

Before you start cutting your design, look for where you can use css instead of an image. After seeing how you can use css to replace some images, you can start to see how you can improve your site design from the ground up.

Below are some examples of how you can cut your design more effective and efficiently.

For Example:

Using an Image
File Size - 220 bytes
Using Css - 1 line w/compression
File Size - 76 bytes

Of course when you do need to use images make sure you are either using good compression or index the image to a specific number of colors. ...Read more