As a preface, this discussion goes along with this wiki page over at the Drupal Redesign Group: Improve Theme Categorization

I've been pondering a voting and a review system for the themes for a while now. For many reasons really, but here is my quick conclusion: it won't work the way most voting systems work. Here is why... ...Read more

Multiple Drupal users posting on a single Twitter Feed. That was my goal. And here is how I accomplished it.

There are many reasons why somebody would want to do this. My draw traffic to my client's site. ...Read more

Use Views to generate feeds for your content based on its taxonomy and vocabulary. This tutorial is assuming you are familiar with Views, if not there are some good tutorials here.

Follow the steps below to get your feeds generated automatically.
...Read more

You want traffic to your blog, but trying to be seen on a search engine is a daunting task. You need to aim at a smaller tighter crowd first, this is where Twitter comes shines.

Twitter is a simple microblogging tool that can be used in unlimited ways. Driving traffic to your personal blog is just one way. If you don't have a Twitter feed of your own I would suggest starting one before you read farther. ...Read more

When you hear Drupal content management, you would assume that Drupal would be king at podcasting. But, until just recently, it has been hard, and not very future proof.

Podcasters listen up! The time is now to have Drupal be your podcast management system.

I am assuming that you have some knowledge of Drupal and know how to install modules. If not check out this handbook first. ...Read more

This is a step by step instruction with code on how to theme your Drupal node-custom.tpl.php files. Theming a Node in Drupal is the number one way to set your Drupal site apart.

If you understand basic HTML, CSS, and PHP then you are already most of the way there, if not, then try to follow what I'm going to say. ...Read more

I first became aware of Drupal when I was working as a video editor for The Battalion-The Series. The company produces a weekly online video series about the men and women firefighters around the United States. In order to get create revenue for the series, the site needed more people coming to the site and staying longer. This is when I turned to Drupal. ...Read more